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Greetings, faggots and assholes. I finally signed up. I've been working on a certain flash of sorts for quite some time. I signed up so I could put it up here. But I somehow can't, even though there are flashes 3 times longer than the one I've been trying to put up. It is only 400 bytes over the 10mb limit. Why isn't it larger, and why can't I put up a flash that is much shorter than tons of the ones here?! Man, I can't even optimize the flash. It's already optimized! If someone can help me out here so I can put my flash, that would be very helpful.

P.S. That first sentence ment no harm to any respectful members of newgrounds.

"High School Musical 3 is the best movie in history!" <- Utter Bullshit (no offence to any fanatics)